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Further, I is 5 A. Therefore, to find out the self-inductance of the coil, we apply the equation of inductance which is: L = ΦN/I. L = (20 Wb)(550)/5A. L = 2200 H. Therefore, the self-inductance of the coil is 2200 H Inductance is the tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. The flow of electric current creates a magnetic field around the conductor. The field strength depends on the magnitude of the current, and follows any changes in current

Inductance Formulas. Helical Coil Inductance Wheeler's Formula Spiral Coil Inductance Formula; Spiral Coil Wire Length Formula; Conical Coil Inductance Formula Total inductance of parallel-connected inductors is equal to the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of the individual inductances. Keep units constant. Inductance Formula Constants and Variable (since the expression for inductance blows up if the wire radius goes to zero). A circular loop of round wire (Figure 1) with loop radius a and wire radius R has the approximate low frequency inductance [2, pp. 143], [4]: La a o R = − µ ln . 8 175 [2] Using this formula, the inductance of a 1 meter circumference loop of 14 gauge wire i Formula(5)issimilarinformtotheWebster-Havelockformula^ forthe inductance of a longcylindricalcurrent sheet, whichwith R to denote theradius of thecylinder may be writte

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• At no frequency, or DC there is no reactance. • At low frequency capacitors create the most reactance • At high frequency inductors create the most reactance Inductance, capacitance and resistance • Since inductive reactance varies with frequency and inductance the formula for this is But in a previous tutoral, N°2, Inductance of a coil you set it as V= - L.di/dt that is adding a minus sign to the formula. Please tell me when you may use one or the other formula. Posted on December 14th 2019 | 9:14 a Inductive reactance formulas Although there is perfect inductors do not exist, it is helpful to imagine one to look at the formulas and calculations associated with inductors and inductance. In this case a perfect inductor is one that only has inductance, and no resistance or capacitance The total inductance of parallel connected inductors is equivalent to the common of the sum of the reciprocals of the separate inductances. Parallel Connected Inductors. 1/Ltotal = 1/L1+1/L2++1/LN [H] Inductance for Rectangular Cross-Section Inductors. The inductance formula for rectangular cross section inductor is given belo

A typical formula to approximate the value of the inductance of an inductor is as follows. This specific variant is having a design for calculating this particular measurement of a solenoid wound. This wound is with a single layer of the turns of infinitely ultrathin tape despite wire, and with the turns evenly and closely having space Calculate the inductance using a mathematical formula. Use the formula L = R * sqrt(3) / (2 * pi * f). L is the inductance, so you need the resistance (R) and the frequency (f) you figured out earlier Then the inductance of the toroid is approximately L= Henry = mH. This is a single purpose calculation which gives you the inductance value when you make any change in the parameters. Small inductors for electronics use may be made with air cores This constant is called the inductance (or more precisely, the self inductance) and is determined by the geometry of the circuit (or more commonly, by the geometry of individual circuit elements). For example, the inductance of a solenoid (as determined above) is given by the formula. L =. μ 0AN2. ℓ Here are the simple handbook formulas for the calculation of inductances, which Coil32 does not use, but which can be useful for electronics hobbyists and students. Inductance. Formula. Straight conductor. Parallel conductors ( current in one direction) r≪w

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  1. Conductance Formulas The conductance is the inverse of resistance. It is the allowance of the electrical current through a conductor, denoted by G and measured in Siemens represented by the symbol of Mho (℧). G = σA /
  2. Self-Inductance Formula. An expression for inductance can be derived involving the coil dimensions and the number of turns [see figure 4]. Fig.4: Number of turns in a coil. The inductance of a coil depends on the number of turns and on the flux and current changes. From equation (2)
  3. Inductors & Inductance When induction occurs in an electrical circuit and affects the flow of electricity it is called inductance, L. Self-inductance, or simply inductance, is the property of a circuit whereby a change in current causes a change in voltage in the same circuit. When one circuit induces current flow in a second nearby circuit, it i
  4. The formula for calculating inductive reactance of a coil is: Inductive reactance, or X L , is a product of 2 times p (pi), or 6.28, frequency of the ac current in hertz, and the inductance of the coil, in henries
  5. The mutual inductance formula used for measuring the amount of mutual inductance developed between two coils is given by. e m = M (dI 1 /dt) or M = e m /[(dI 1 /dt)] With the above formula, the magnitude of mutually generated EMF in the coils and current change value in the other coil is also known
  6. where L is inductance. Using all the above, formula for inductance can be obtained: L = S 2 − P 2 2 π f I R M S 2. L = \frac {\sqrt {S^2 - P^2}} {2 \pi f I_ {RMS}^2} L = 2πf I RM S2. . S 2 −P 2. . IMPORTANT: Here active power is sum of active power over all domains. How to calculate inductance of an inductor

Inductive Reactance, Frequency and Inductance formula. Electrostatics formulas list online For a 100 turn coil, with D = 53mm and d = 3mm, wounded on air this calculator gives a result of 9.24 mH, while using the formula provided in an Excel spreadsheet gives a result of 982uH. The actual coil I built and measured with an inductance meter has an inductance of 971 uH (that is microHenry) Applying the voltage law allows us to see the effect of this emf on the circuit equation. The fact that the emf always opposes the change in current is an example of Lenz's law. The relation of this counter emf to the current is the origin of the concept of inductance. The inductance of a coil follows from Faraday's law Equation \eqref{eq:inductance-definition} may be derived from both equation \eqref{eq:inductor-flux} and \eqref{eq:inductor-voltage}. Take your pick. Leakage inductance. The leakage inductance is caused by the parts of the magnetic flux that does not link the primary and secondary windings One formula for inductance is as follows: Where: L = inductance. u r = relative permeability of the core material (air = 1) turns = number of turns on the coil. area = the cross sectional area of the core in square meters*, including some of the coil as shown in the diagram. length = length of the coil in meters*

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Capacitors & Capacitance Formulas: Capacitors are passive devices used in electronic circuits to store energy in the form of an electric field. They are the compliment of inductors, which store energy in the form of a magnetic field. An ideal capacitor is the equivalent of an open circuit (infinite ohms) for direct currents (DC), and presents. Self-Inductance Considering Equation 15.2, it is possible that the current causing the magnetic flux linkage passing through the very same coil that is also linking it, as in Example 15.1. This is known as self-inductance. If the coil creating the magnetic flux linkage is different from the coil linkin

Inductive Reactance Formula . The inductive reactance is directly proportional to the frequency. Therefore, if the frequency increases, the inductive reactance increases. The inductive reactance depends on the supply frequency and the inductance of that element. The formula of inductive reactance is; Unit of Inductive Reactanc The inductance for such a toroid can be calculated from the equation below: Equation for Circular Cross Section Toroid Inductor. where N is the number of turns, R is the mean radius of the form as shown in the figure (in cm), and a is the radius of the windings on the form as shown in the figure (in cm). Another formula for the inductance of a. The formula for calculating the Inductance of a cable is given by: (Hm/Km) Where: L = Inductance of cable in (Hm/Km) K = a constant relating to the conductor formation (see table below) S = axial spacing between conductors within the cable (mm) or axial spacing between. Conductors of a trefoil group of single core cables (mm) or Inductance is the ratio of voltage to the rate of change of current. The rate of change of current produces change in the magnetic field, which induces an EMF in opposite direction to the voltage source. This property of induction of EMF is called as the Inductance. The formula for inductance is

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  1. L = inductance (henries) R = resistance (ohms) The voltage drop across an inductor is directly proportional to the product of the inductance and the time rate of change of current through the inductor, as shown in below Equation. where. V L = voltage drop across the inductor (volts) L = inductance (henries
  2. A typical formula for approximating the inductance value of an inductor is given below. This particular version is designed to calculate the inductance of A solenoid wound with a single layer of turns of infinitely thin tape rather than wire, and with the turns evenly and closely spaced
  3. The flux linkages of conductor a is given by the equation: In this case. For a three-wire system, the algebraic sum of the currents in the conductors is zero. So the flux equation becomes. By using the formula The inductor of conductor, 'a' is. The inductance of conductors b and c will also be the same as that of a
  4. Self-Inductance Formula. Let's consider a current-carrying coil having N number of turns, as shown below: (image will be uploaded soon) If the flux through one coil is Φ, then for N number of coils, it will be: ΦT (total flux) = NΦ, and. ΦT α i. On removing the proportionality sign, we get. ΦT = Li ⇒ L = N Φ T i
  5. the inductance of the single-turn coil is then multiplied by 2 to get the total inductance, exactly as in the current sheet ap-proximation. The resulting formula is purely based on physical principles and on approximations for the mean distances. The latter are found with the help of exact expressions that are derived in this paper
  6. ed by using any one of the following three methods depending upon the known quantities −. Method 1. If the magnitude of mutually induced emf ( ) in one coil and the rate of change of current in the other coil are known, then mutual inductance (M) is.

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Measured inductance values, measured as the coil was being pruned, are also shown in Figure 4. The agreement between the measured and calculated inductance is good. The results suggest that Equation 8 is accurate enough to give you a starting point that is close to the correct number of turns to get a desired inductance This formula calculates the inductance, L, based on the product of the number of turns, N, across the conductor and the linking magnetic flux, Φ, divided by the current, I, producing the flux, according to the formula, L= (NΦ)/I. In the next equation, we calculate the impedance of the inductor. This is the resistance that an inductor offers.

This formula inserted in formula for general inductance calculation produces: This also allows an air gap width to be determined if the required inductance L and the other parameters are known. Here it must be borne in mind that the above formula only applies if μ r is large and the air gap length is much smaller than the mean length in the core The inductance of an inductor depends on its physical properties and can be calculated using the following formula. Where N is the number of turns of the coil, µ is its permeability, A is the area of cross-section and l is the length Formula to calculate the inductive reactance: The inductive reactance of an inductor depends on its inductance and the frequency that is applied. The reactance increases linearly with frequency. It is possible to express this as a formula to calculate the reactance at a particular frequency. Where: ƒ = It is the frequenc

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Formulas for the Calculation of Common Inductances *) (unless otherwise noted use SI-units in all presented formulas) *) Planar geometries which are not very common in pulsed power systems are not covered in this table. Readers are refered to references 1, 6 and especially 8 The formula for calculating the inductance of an air-core flat spiral coil is: Where. N = Number of turns. r = Coil radius in inches. l = Coil length in inches. d = Winding depth in inches. L = Inductance in microhenrys (μH) Coil dimensions for calculating inductance

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  1. How to use simple inductance formulas to predict approximate values for home made coils
  2. A coil inductance formula is based upon the basic loop inductance. Inductance is the ability to store energy in a magnetic field, and coils are a very common way to create inductance. Many magnetic field coupling circuits, like chokes and transformers take advantage of a coil's magnetic storage properties
  3. Mutual inductance is the ability of an inductor that causes to induce emf in another inductor placed very close to it when current in first inductor changes. The end to end connection of two or more inductors is called series connection of inductors. The formula for total inductance in series is L T = L 1 + L 2
  4. g this current I 2 is only a.
  5. Likewise, the flux linking coil one, L 1 when a current flows around coil two, L 2 is exactly the same as the flux linking coil two when the same current flows around coil one above, then the mutual inductance of coil one with respect of coil two is defined as M 21.This mutual inductance is true irrespective of the size, number of turns, relative position or orientation of the two coils
  6. An inductor is a passive circuit element. Let us find out the equivalent inductance of series-connected and parallel-connected inductors.. Adding Inductors in Series. Let us consider n number of inductors connected in series as shown below.. Let us also consider that, the inductance of inductor 1 and voltage drop across it is L 1 and v 1, respectively, the inductance of inductor 1 and voltage.
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The inductance of two parallel conductors can be computed. It is assumed that one of the conductors is the return path for the other wire. Self Inductance Description. The inductance for the two wire inductance might be useful in measuring the inductance for a signal and ground on a ribbon cable The equivalent inductance of inductors in parallel | Inductor in parallel formula. The equivalent inductance of n inductors with self inductance L 1, L 2, L 3,..L n connected in parallel is, ( Answer ) Inductors in series with mutual inductance. For the above derivations, we assumed that there is no mutual inductance in between the inductors Ex: If the two inductors 25mH and 45mH are connected in parallel opposing, calculate the total inductance of the parallel combination. The mutual inductance is given as 20mH. Sol: Given that, L 1 = 25 mH. L 2 = 45 mH. M = 20 mH. Applying the formula for total inductance of aiding inductors, L T = (L 1 L 2 M 2)/(L 1 + L 2)+2M) L T = (25*45-20 2.

The concept of stray capacitance is what it is; a correction element in a coil's lumped circuit equivalent to deal with the frequency independence of an inferior geometrical inductance formula. 7. By employing helical waveguide-based formulas, the present calculator performs much better at estimating inductances at high frequencies Mutual inductance is the basic principle behind transformers, motors, generators, and other electrical components that interact with other magnetic fields. Mutual inductance can then be defined as the current flowing through a coil that generates a voltage between adjacent coils. However, mutual inductance may require some electrical shielding. The following formula from R. Weaver's article Numerical Methods for Inductance Calculation is used for calculations of inductance L S: where. D is the coil former diameter in cm, l is the coil length in cm, N is the number of turns, and. L is the inductance in μH. This formula is valid only for a solenoidal current sheet. The current sheet.

This inductive reactance formula calculator can calculate inductance from reactance and can calculate the inductive reactance. Inductors have an effective resistance known as reactance that varies with frequency. When a direct current (DC) is applied to a capacitor, it acts as a short circuit Dimensional formula for inductance Here i have given the way you can find dimension Pls read carefully Inductance is defined asthe ratio of Magnetic Flu Coil Inductance Calculator To calculate the inductance of a single-layer, air-core coil: 1. Select the measurement units (inches or centimeters). 2. Enter the number of turns (windings). 3. Enter the coil diameter (form diameter + wire diameter - see diagram). 4. Enter the coil length (distance from first to last winding - see diagram). 5. The inductance formula for an ideal solenoid (a coil of wire) wound around a cylindrical body of material is given as: where L is the inductance, µ is the magnetic permeability of the material used in the inductor, A is the cross-sectional area of the coil and l is the length of the solenoid (not the length of the wire, but the longitudinal. The formula for impedance or the steady state of an inductor is 2 * Pi * Frequency * L (in Henry's). There will be a phase shift in the voltage vs current (voltage leads current by 90 degrees in a pure inductive circuit). If you need to know the i..

r being the radius, . ℓ being the length, and . N being the number of turns.. This formula is typical of those from the late 19th century. The inductance unit, the Henry, was not yet in common use.In order to use the formula with modern SI units, the term outside of the square brackets should include the factor µ 0 /4 π which is exactly equal to 10-7.Then the result will be in Henries. mutual inductance of the two loops. 2 Neumann Formula for the Mutual Inductance 21 1 12 01 1 1 =( ) = 4 ddd µI d π = ∫∫ ∫ ∫ Ba A a Al l A r v v It involves a double line integral ---one integration around loop 1, the other around loop 2. 01 12 2 0 12 21 4 Neumann formula 4 I dd dd M µ π µ π ⋅ Φ= ⋅ =⇐ ∫∫ ∫∫ ll ll r r. approaches, the self-inductance formula provides an approximation of the inductance in which the geometric mean distance (GMD) of the rectangular cross-section is taken into account. The mutual inductance formula is the exact or approximate equation for the inductance between two filaments -- the cross-sections of the wires are ignored

Formula for Adding Inductors in Series. So using the above formula, the total inductance is 60H. Note- When inductors are in series, as the formula shows, they simply add together. Thus, the total inductance of a series circuit will always be greater than any of the individual inductor values How to find the dimension formula for inductance and also the dimension for resistance ? Physics. 1 Answer Aritra G. Sep 8, 2017 Dimensions of L, #MT^(-2)L^2A^(-2)# Dimensions of R, #ML^2T^(-3)A^(-2)# Explanation: Firstly consider resistance. It's defining equation is, Ohm's law,. The inductance of a rectangular loop of sides a and b made with round wire of diameter d (all dimensions in meters) can be computed with the formula found in Terman [1] which says: where g is the rectangle diagonal (i.e. g = sqrt (a2+b2) ); this is the formula implemented in the one-turn rectangular loop inductance calculation form The formula for external inductance is: High-Frequency Inductance (t>SD) Resistance. To calculate the DC conductor resistance, the following formula applies (Resistance at 20°C): Read More Voltage drop. As current travels across a conductor, it loses voltage. This is caused by the resistivity of the conductor.. the circuit itself. We will assume that our transformers inductance is determined by the equation given in experiment 3. L L c L S S S d N r and L d N r L µ 2π2 µ 2π2 = = If we assume that both coils have the same radius, are wrapped around the same core, and have about the same length, then this reduces to: S L S L S S c L L c S L N N a a.

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COIL02 Electrical Inductance Calculator Download source code and executable program coil02.zip: . This program computes the electrical self inductance of various shapes and sizes of air core coils, using accurate formulas from National Bureau of Standards circulars and related sources High Q Inductance formula. It has been found that the optimum dimensions for a high Q air core inductor is where the length of the coil is the same as the diameter of the coil. A simplified formula for inductance has been derived to establish the required number of turns for a given inductance value The inductive reactance can be calculated by using the following formula. Inductive reactance is the product of 2 times pi and the inductance of the coil and the frequency of the AC current. So formula can be denoted as. XL= 2πfL. Where 'XL' is inductive reactance that is measured in ohms. f is the 'AC' frequency of the electrical.

The formula for bond wire inductance, plus another one that accounts for the ground plane can be found in Computer-Aided Design of Microwave Circuits, by K.C. Gupta, Ramesh Garg and Rakesh Chadha, Artech House 1981, page 212. That book also has the same formula for inductance of a ribbon How do we calculate the inductance(rf choke) required for a biasing network. my design is 12GHz LNA with Zin=15.143+j9.6410 and ZL=17.75+j4.99. Vdd is 8.3V with Rd=680ohm.I am using 50 ohm terminations for input and output. Can anyone pls show the calculation and explain the formula? Actually i..

From the above-given equation, we can explain mutual inductance as, if one volt is provided to the first coil and current passing through the second coils is at the rate one ampere per second then it has a mutual inductance of one henry. Mutual induction can also be described in by this equation. Em = M(dI1/dt)= d/dt (MI1)— (B The amount of mutual inductance can be found using the formula: LM = k√L1 ×L2 L M = k L 1 × L 2. Where LM is the mutual inductance in henrys, k is the coefficient or percentage of coupling, and L1 and L2 are the inductances of the respective coils. Mutual inductance must be considered when two or more inductors are connected in series or. Formula. Formula : L T = (L 1 × L 2) / (L 1 + L 2) Where, LT = Total Inductance Value. L1 = Inductor L1. L2 = Inductor L2. Inductance Value in parallel circuit is calculated easily using this electrical electronics calculator The formula for calculating the inductive reactance of a coil is: inductive reactance, or X L, is the product of 2 times p (pi), or 6.28, the frequency of the ac current, in hertz, and the inductance of the coil, in henries.X L =2 p x f x L

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  1. The symbol X L is used to denote inductive reactance. ${{X}_{L}}=wL=2\pi fL$ Since the maximum values of equation (1) are related to effective values, so we can write ${{V}_{L}}={{I}_{L}}{{X}_{L}}$ The pure inductance cannot dissipate any power. Rather, the inductance stores and releases energy in the form of magnetic field
  2. Wheeler Formulas for Inductance. These formulas, developed by Wheeler at the (then) NBS, give approximate inductances for various coil configurations. They are primarily based on empirical measurements, and are accurate to a few percent. Single layer air core solenoid. L (uH) = r^2 * n^2 / (9 * r + 10 * l) where . r = coil radius in inche
  3. When this equation is compared with the mutual inductance, the final equation is. M = L 1 *L 2. There are a few factors affecting self-inductance. With the effect of these factors, the output performance and efficiency get changed. And the factors are: The self-inductance is more when there is a strong magnetic flux for the provided value of.
  4. Putting the value of e in equation (2) we will get the equation as. Integrating both sides of the equation (3), we will get where, X L = ω L is the opposition offered to the flow of alternating current by a pure inductance and is called inductive reactance.. The value of current will be maximum when sin (ωt - π/2) =
  5. us - to opposing ones. Since energy usage is always positive we can rewrite the above equation (use equation for opposing inductors) as: 1 2.L1.i1 2+1 2.L2.i2 2−M.i 1i2≥0 or 1 2.

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The inductance and inductive reactance of three single phase cables is provided by the formulas below. The formulas assume a cable configuration as shown in the figure above. Additionally, since the inductance is dependent upon its material surrounding, use Table-4 to determine an appropriate K factor (multiplier) for the inductance Inductance formulas for circular and square coils. Abstract: Some simple inductance formulas are given for a circular or square coil of any shape ratio. Each one represents a continuous transition between the extremes of a long coil and a short coil. A unique case is a cubic coil whose inductance is 2/3 the reference value based on area/length An inductor is a passive electrical device ( typically a conducting coil) that introduces inductance into a electric circuit. It is basically a coil of wire with many winding, often wound around a core made of a magnetic material, like iron. Simplest form of an inductor is made up of a coil of wire. Inductors are the third and final type of.

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If R = resistance, C = capacitance, L = inductance, which of the following has the The dimensional formula for magnetic flux is The dimensional formula of a/b in the Equation $ P = frac{a-ct^2}{bx} $ The physical quantity which has the dimensional formula M^1 T^(-3) is; The dimensional formula for permeability of free space, ε0 is.. The next equation shows the amount of inductance in microhenries for a component lead that has a diameter of 0.15 inches and a length of 1/4 inch. In this equation, we will use the natural log base e (ln) as a multiplier. The natural log base e is an irrational number e ≈ 2.718 Inductance Calculator. Calculates the external inductance of various wire loop configurations and the inductance per-unit-length of various transmission line geometries. Formulas are provided for each configuration. These formulas can be found in various texts and most of them are derived in the book Inductance Calculations by F. W. Grover Inductance of a Toroid • Total number of turns: N • Magnetic field inside toroid: B = m0I 2pr • Magnetic flux through each turn (loop): FB = Z b a BHdr = m0INH 2p Z b a dr r = m0INH 2p ln b a • Inductance: L NFB I = m0N2H 2p ln b a • Narrow toroid: s b a ˝a ln b a = ln 1+ s a ' s a • Inductance: L = m0N2(sH) 2pa tsl26 As described above, inductive reactance increases with the rate of change in the current direction, or the frequency of the circuit. This frequency is represented by the symbol ƒ, and is measured in Hertz (Hz). The full formula for calculating inductive reactance is X L = 2πƒL, where L is the inductance measured in Henries (H)

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Inductance of Circular Loop calculate the inductance of circular wire loop. It appears that you are using AdBlocking software. The cost of running this website is covered by advertisements. If you like it please feel free to a small amount of money to secure the future of this website The Circuit Up: Inductance Previous: Self Inductance Energy Stored in an Inductor Suppose that an inductor of inductance is connected to a variable DC voltage supply. The supply is adjusted so as to increase the current flowing through the inductor from zero to some final value .As the current through the inductor is ramped up, an emf is generated, which acts to oppose the increase in the current

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The formula of the coefficient of coupling is K = M/√L 1 +L 2 where L1 is the self inductance of the first coil and the L2 is the self inductance of the second coil. Two inductively coupled circuits are linked using the magnetic flux Inductance in Terms of Magnetic Reluctance and Magnetic Permeance. As mentioned previously, the magnetic circuit is similar in some respects to the electric circuit. In the case of the simple d-c circuit current, voltage and resistance are related to each other, under steady-state conditions, in accordance with Ohm's Law Regarding current sheet inductance formulas for single-layer coils, one of the most widely known is the one by Wheeler [2], which states (after converting to metric units): L = (d 2 n 2) / (l + 0.45d) [μH] where d is the coil diameter in meters, n the number of turns and l the coil length in meters. The above formula is accurate within 1 % for.

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The formula is: =, where V is the voltage, R is the resistance, and I is the current. In the case of impedance, an inductor resists changes to the current and the capacitor resists changes to the voltage. The key difference between resistance and impedance is the word change, the rate of change affects the impedance Calculate i) inductance of coil ii) induced e.m.f when the a current of 2 A is reversed in 0.03 secs. What is the unit of Self Inductance? Define. What is the length of a solenoid with total number of turns 1000, area of cross section 20 cm 2 and self inductance of 4.02 × 10-3 H The total inductance L eq of three non-coupled (with a large distance between them) inductors connected in parallel is equal to the reciprocal of the sum of the reciprocals of their inductances: Or for n non-coupled inductors: This formula for L eq is used for the calculation in this calculator. For example, three inductors, 10, 15 and 20 μH. These a.c. values are then referred to, say, the primary winding and summed to give the total winding resistance and leakage inductance of the transformer. Formulas are derived and quoted for. To improve this 'Inductance in series and parallel Calculator', please fill in questionnaire. Age Under 20 years old 20 years old level 30 years old level 40 years old level 50 years old level 60 years old level or over Occupation Elementary school/ Junior high-school studen Observing the formula for single phase and three phase lines we can generalize the formula for inductance of a phase line as in the form L = 2 * 10-7 ln ( D / D s ) Where D = Geometric Mean Distance (GMD) D s = Geometric Mean Radius (GMR) In single phase case GMD is simply the distance between the centers of two conductors